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Implant free breast enlargement

Some patients may not be happy with the idea of an implant or 'something artificial' in their body


Implant Free Breast Enlargement 

Breast augmentation or enlargement can be a difficult decision to make. There are many options available. The most common form involves using implants. Although some patients may not be happy with the idea of foreign material in their body which is ultimately likely to require further surgery may rupture and develop a capsule. Other options to enlarge the breasts include fat filling or lipofilling this will give a small to moderate enlargement of the breasts but repeat lipofilling may be required.


Patients who have excess abdominal tissue and are looking to have an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) may benefit from a DIEP augmentation. With an abdominoplasty rather than discarding the fat, this is used to enlarge the breasts. This involves using the fat from the tummy with a blood supply and re attaching the blood supply with the block of fat from the tummy to the breast region. This will also allow the breast to behave like normal tissue. Benefits would include not requiring to have maintenance  surgery as would be required with implants. 

Breast reconstruction using tummy tissue diagram

Implant free breast enlargement using fat from the tummy region for patients that require a tummy tuck at the same time 

Breast Enlargement and Tummy Tuck with DIEP

Length of Procedure 

8 hrs can vary on the individual

Length of Hospital Stay

3-7 days

Risks Include

Flap failure or partial flap failure 1%, Infection, bleeding scarring, pain. numbness, fluid accumulation (seroma) assymentry 

Down Time 

6 -12 weeks depending on the individual 

It is important to have an in depth conversation with your surgeon and decide on a bespoke procedure for you   

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