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Breast Rejuvenation 

With age and gravity the breast may start to droop


Breast Lift
(Mastopexy) and/or Implants 

With age and gravity the breast may start to droop, lose volume and appear empty. After an in-depth consultation with your surgeon a surgical plan may involve a mastopexy (breast lift) or breast implants or both. It is important to discuss expectations and risks of the procedure.

It is also important to know that the shape of the breast after implants also change with time and it is also a chance over a period of 10 -15 years the implants will become hard and develop a capsule. This can be visible or/ and painful, in which case the implants would need to be exchanged. For some patients this can be much earlier.

Length of Procedure 

2-4 hrs

Length of Hospital Stay

1-2 days

Risks Include

Infection (a significant infection may lead to the implant being removed), Bleeding, scarring pain, change in shape, implant rupture, implant moving, capsule, requires further surgery after 10-15 years (sometimes earlier) when becomes uncomfortable, pain numbness, change in nipple sensation.

Recommended Time Off

2-6 weeks 

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