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Eyebrow hair transplant

The eyebrows define the eyes and the face


Eyebrow hair transplant

With over threading, over plucking or over waxing the eyebrow may lose its shape with the loss or damage to eyebrow hair follicles over the years. The eyebrows define the eyes and help shape appearance of the face. Replacing this hair with hair from the scalp can help re-create the shaped eyebrow that is natural and grows like normal hair. Eyebrow hair transplant can also change the shape of your current eyebrows if you feel they are too fine or thin and give a fuller look.

Hair follicles are taken from the back of the scalp and placed in the eyebrow position. It then takes a few weeks for your body to accept the hair in the new position. Hair can then be trimmed to the desired shape and remain present. Unlike microblading which requires repeat top ups every few months to maintain the look, eyebrow hair transplant is a more permanent solution in optimum conditions.

Length of Procedure 

2-4 hrs

Length of Hospital Stay

0 days

Risks Include

Infection, bleeding, may require  more than one stage for the hair to take , scarring, 

Recommended Time Off

24 hrs 

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