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Thigh Lift 

Excess thigh skin and fat can lead to irritation with thighs rubbing and infection 


Thigh Lift 

Excess skin and fat in the upper thigh can cause irritation and redness particularly in the summer as the skin rubs. Removing this fat and skin can improve these symptoms as wells as improve self-confidence. The procedure leaves a scar on the top of the thigh near the groin crease and in some cases a scar on the inside running along the thigh.

Length of Procedure 

2-4 hrs depending on the extent  of area being operated on

(Times are an estimate would change depending on the individual person)

Length of Hospital Stay

1-3 days 

Risks Include

Infection bleeding, numbness, fat swelling or breakdown (fat necrosis), lumpy scarring , stretched scarring or keloid scarring

Further surgical procedures if significant infection or wound breakdown.

Recommended Time Off

1-3 weeks

(Times are an estimate and would change depending on the individual person )

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