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Arm lift

Some patients may carry excess skin and fat in the upper arm also known as 'bat wings'.


Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

 Some patients may complain of fullness in the upper inner arm sometimes also known as ’bat wings’. Liposuction with or without surgical removal of the skin and fat can improve the appearance and patients self-confidence.   The type surgical scar will depend on the type of brachioplasty performed and can vary from a straight line scar on the inside of the arm to an extension in the armpit. This depends on the degree of fullness in the upper arm. Some patients may also require liposuction of the upper arm at the same time for optimum results.

Length of Procedure 

2-4 hrs depending on the extent and whether liposuction is also required

(Times are an estimate would change depending on the individual person)

Length of Hospital Stay

1-2 days 

Risks Include

Infection bleeding, numbness, fat swelling or breakdown (fat necrosis), lumpy scarring , stretched scarring or keloid scarring.

Further surgical procedures if significant infection or wound breakdown.

Recommended Time Off

1-3 weeks

(Times are an estimate and would change depending on the individual person )

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