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Cutane Clinic

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Welcome to Cutane clinic. We are a CQC approved clinic providing high quality local anaesthetic procedures in a timely timely manner. Clinic appointments can be booked via or 0724036458.

We provide plastic surgery consultations and remove skin lesions, lumps and bumps under local anaesthetic. These may be removed for cosmetic reasons but also to help diagnosis of skin cancers and other problematic lesions. 

Some patients which have have their surgery at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital will be followed up in Cutane Clinic. 

Removal of Cysts.

Cyst are enlarged sacs of dead material sitting under the skin. They can be problematic causing pain, irritation and can become inflamed or inflamed.

Length of Procedure 

30mins to 60 mins . you will need someone to pick you up after the surgery 

Length of Hospital Stay

day  case 

Risks Include

Infection, bleeding, scarring , numbness,

Recommended Time Off

2-7 days depending on location and size 

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